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 Create an Ability card.

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PostSubject: Create an Ability card.   Sat May 15, 2010 8:39 pm

Before we talk about how to create an Ability card you must follow these guidelines

1. NO Copying someone's creation or an Ability card that is already a real one.

2. NO Copying any other Ability card name.

3. Be patient for the ability card to be given to you.

This is how to create your own Ability card.


Price: Free

Color: (Red, green, blue)

Price: Free


The bonuses are payed a little complicated.

To add 10Gs to a bonus, it will cost 100BP but it has to be ALL bonuses, not just one, like only Pyrus. To have 5 bonuses increases, it costs 120BP. 4 is 140BP. 3 is 160BP 2 is 180BP. 1 is 200BP.

Description: (What it does.)

Price: Pending on description.
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Create an Ability card.
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