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 Gate card creation

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PostSubject: Gate card creation   Sat May 15, 2010 8:36 pm

Before we talk about how to create a Gate card you must follow these guidelines

1. NO Copying someone's creation or a gate card that is already a real one.

2. NO Copying any other Gate card's name.

3. Be patient for the gate card to be given to you.

4. If you are hero, I must tell you that Dan, Shun, Mira, Marucho, Baron, and Ace are against this. But you still can do this.

This is how to create your own Gate card.


Price: Free

Color: (Gold, copper, silver)

Price: Gold: 5000BP
Copper: 6000BP
Silver: Free


The bonuses are payed a little complicated.

To add 10Gs to a bonus, it will cost 100BP but it has to be ALL bonuses, not just one, like only Pyrus. To have 5 bonuses increases, it costs 120BP. 4 is 140BP. 3 is 160BP 2 is 180BP. 1 is 200BP.

Description: (What it does.)

Price: Pending on description.
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Gate card creation
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