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 Jobs available

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PostSubject: Jobs available   Thu May 20, 2010 2:33 pm

There are some types of jobs.

One-time: This type is for to be done one-time. Once this is done, the job is deleted here. This could be a bounty, intercept a battle, save a bakugan from the doom dimension, etc.

Part-time: This type is for a limited time. After the period is done, the job is deleted here.

Full-time: This type is forever or until you get fired or quit.

To assign a job, you must PM me with this.



Boss: Webmaster Joe

Job: Item Locater

Type: Full-time

Description: I am not always keeping track of new cards, new bakugan, etc. I need you to report any stuff like that to me. At you can find them there.

Pay: 1000BP For each bakugan, card, etc.
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Jobs available
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