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 How to create a Bakugan

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PostSubject: How to create a Bakugan   Thu May 20, 2010 2:27 pm

Before we talk about how to create a Bakugan you must follow these guidelines

1. NO Copying someone's creation or a bakugan that is already a real one.

2. NO Copying any other Bakugan's name.

3. All Bakugans created cannot be leveled up. But it can be upgraded by using money to increase the stats.

4. Be patient for the bakugan to be given to you.

5. If you are hero, I must tell you that Dan, Shun, Mira, Marucho, Baron, and Ace are against this. But you still can do this.

This is how to create your own Bakugan.

Price: Free

Type: (Ball, trap, battle gear)
Price: 1000BP each

Price: 10BP for each G. Battle Gear 100 for each G.

Attribute: (Bakugan-pyrus, darkus, etc. Battle gear, Copper, Silver or Gold)

(Only if a trap) Number of traps secondary attributes:

Price: 1000 each.

Price: Free. Dual costs you double what the bakugan cost.

Price:Yes real. It's not mechanical. 10000BP
No it's mechanical. Free

Energy Force (Mechanical only)
Price: 100 for 1

Special Treatment:
Price: 5000
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How to create a Bakugan
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